Ready for mission…maybe???

Some more re-reading old notes…

From…Dicker, G. Ministerial Education Commission: Consultation of Theological Educators Theological Education for Ministry in the 21st Century – Responding to Change: 9-13 July 1995, Hartzer Park, Bowral

p.2.      “…At this consultation we sensed a common acceptance of that fact that radical change may be called for. These may include beginning theological education pre-candidature, different ways of integrating practice with the acquiring of necessary knowledge and skills, a continuation of mandatory education and formation programs into the first settlement, to cite but a few examples…”

p.2.      “…Major changes to the way we go about theological education may pose a challenge to arrangements we have with ecumenical consortia and universities. While we greatly value these arrangements we will need to see that they do not stand in the way of changes we deem necessary on pedagogical and ecclesial grounds…”

p.1-9.   “…Commenting on their training for mission UCA college graduates said they were prepared – 46% very poorly (35% all denominations graduates),36% basic outline (41%), 12% not at all (11%), 6% (13%) very well…”


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