Monthly Archives: December 2014

Young people leading young people

I participated in a workshop by Jenny Geale ( today on young people and volunteering. Jenny co-authored some research into Young Leaders leading Young People and she was sharing the learning from that research as it applies to engaging young people in serving/helping.

There was some great points to take on board for my own research project as well as for the church!

To engage young people do these things –

  • curate shared experiences
  • encourage tight teams where ‘buddies/friends’ work together but can include others
  • share the story of the organisation
  • give freedoms and flexibilities with clear boundaries and processes for support
  • design projects not tasks
  • give responsibility not controls
  • give flexibility and connection not rigid structure
  • encourage trying things without fear of failure
  • upskill and work out what the young person wants to get out of the experience
  • young people don’t volunteer for tasks they go WITH people on a journey
  • vision trumps duty
  • they join because they want something….this is ok!
  • It is about connection and community…
  • If technology doesn’t help face-to-face….don’t use it!!!

Questions for organisations…

  • How do young people access power?
  • How does the organisation listen to young people (what are the ways)?
  • Where will the project take a young person?
  • How are you using technology to create face-to-face experiences

Wow…how good is this information!!!