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A more beautiful question…

Inquiry and exploration are key in innovation.

“A More Beautiful Question” digs into the place inquiry makes into creativity and innovation

You can find a review here –

Thanks to David Gurteen [] for highlighting this book/author.


Conversations – a medium for research

I’m loving the conversations I am having with people around this project and finding out what is happening in different areas. It has made me realise how much conversations are actually a medium and method of research. While not always systematic or structured a conversation can explore, test, analyse, reflect and develop conclusions (to be reviewed again)…very worthwhile and powerful as a learning/research tool.

Missional theological education…what’s the difference?

A quote from a blog – The conference ( Edinburgh 2010 Conference on World Mission) said it was “critical” that theological education be re-visioned missionally, making mission and Missiology the integrating theme for all aspects of theological education.

My questions are –

“Can theological education be re-visioned without its pedagogical framework being equally or at least responsively also re-visioned?”

“Can the methodology stay the same while the framework changes?”

I think not!

It’s not simply new words to an old tune…we need a new song!

Learning in Community is Experiential Learning

It was fantastic to have some time with Mark Creyton and Jenny Geale this morning talking about my research topic – formation for missional innovation through experiential learning. So fantastic they want to come on the journey and be part of the program I’ll be facilitating. What’s more Mark and Jenny are keen to reflect with me on my actions and to be contributive participants to the program. What a privilege to learn in community! I can see that my action-reflection has already begun as even the process of forming the program will be part of the research learning.

This gives rise to the question…what are the questions needed to prepare/plan a program?

Mark asked me – “What did I want as the outcomes for the participants?”

My initial answer is – To have the space, time and community in which to reflect on their own missional innovations and to better equipped for missional innovation in their own contexts.

My follow on question to my answer is – “Will this be beneficial to the participants?”

Hmmm…think I’ll put a question out to some young adults – “If you were to do a learning program on missional innovation, what would you like to get out of it?”